Kawanee Gardens Mutual Irrigation Company


The company attorney has issued a letter that certifies KGIC as an "Essential Business" during the current mandate issued by the Governor of Colorado.  The document can be found by clicking on the link below:

(a pdf reader is required)

KGIC Company Email Policy

During the 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting, the shareholders expressed an overwhelming appeal for the company to engage in electronic communication through email.  Hopefully, going forward the company will be able share more timely information about the company and ditch status.

As a matter of company policy, the KGIC Email Contact list will only be used to inform you of specific KGIC activities:  company meetings, ditch cleaning, ditch construction, shut downs and volunteer opportunities.  You will receive email only at the direction of the Company Directors or Officers.  Your personal information will not be provided to any person or entity outside the Board of Directors or Officers.  If you receive any email notification that you consider inappropriate or outside the scope stated above, please report it immediately.

If this and future emails land in your spam folder please change your settings to route these emails to your inbox.  As stated above the company will only be communicating important information.

The Covid 19 epidemic has necessitated changes to our annual ditch cleaning.  Keep checking this website for updates.  If you are ill, or have symptoms, or suspect you might have been in contact with someone who was infected, please stay home!

There will be other opportunities to volunteer throughout the season.

As of March 31st, we will be cleaning in two stages:


On April 4th, shareholders should clean their own ditches and any ditches adjoining their property that have not been cleaned. You will need to obtain your own trash bags for cleaning on April 4th. Sold at stores such as ACE Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot, and grocery stores, large heavy duty bags are best. Leave filled bags to be picked up with your household trash. If you insist on being reimbursed, bring the receipt and any leftover trash bags to the April 18 meeting for credit on your next year’s dues.


On April 18th, we will meet at the school at 20th Avenue and Hoyt Street at 8 am. Please maintain at least six feet between unrelated individuals. One designated individual will record the names of those attending. Assignments will be made at a “social distance”. Trash bags will be available and people are asked to maintain the six foot minimum separation while acquiring their bags after assignments are made. If you are able bodied you are urged to participate in ditch cleaning. Some of the “regulars” may be sick with the virus.  If a property owner is uncomfortable with you cleaning the ditch on their property please honor their wishes, we will find another way to clean those sections.


In order to receive an assessment credit all work must be coordinated and approved by the appropriate Lateral Supervisor or by Vice President, Rich Keasling.