Guided by the advice and expertise of the company's attorney, the bylaws have been revised and cleaned up.  Many amendments, repeals and numbering have become confusing throughout the long history of the company.   The Amendments have been listed, along with dates of passage or repeal.

An additional amendment, to add Article XIV, has been recommended to comply with Federal IRS Tax Code, regarding a non-profit corporation.

For Information about Colorado Revised Statutes relating Non-Profit Companies or Irrigation Companies see:

CRS Non-Profit Corporations - Title 7

CRS Water and Irrigation - Title 37 Article 84

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Kawanee Gardens Mutual Irrigation Company

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The Operating Policies & Procedures offer specific and general information and guidelines related to the daily operation of the company.  They are currently under review.

Company Meeting Information


The Company was first registered with the Colorado Secretary of State in 1928 and the company re-incorporated 1953. The Articles of Incorporation were amended in 1996 when the Company adopted the Colorado Non-Profit Act, C.R.S. Title 7 Art. 20-29.